What happens if a steps client gets injured while working/volunteering?

All Steps2work clients are covered under Workers’ Compensation number, while they are funded for our services.


I’m unnerved about the idea that I will be working with people with a history of mental illness.  What kind of reassurance can you provide?

Studies suggest that 1 in 5 Canadians will have a mental illness at some point in their lives.  Given the worker populations in most companies/organizations, it’s not unrealistic to say that several co-workers of yours are either currently dealing with mental illness at any given moment.  Partnering with Steps2work means that you know that the person you are about to take on has sought out supports, is currently receiving them, and has been pre-screened by a team of professionals and deemed employment ready.


Taking on a specific individual may mean that I have to invest in making my organization more accessible.  What if I cannot afford those costs?

Steps2work, as well as it’s partnering organizations, have access to funding requests, that if approved could cover 100% of any accessibility costs that may need to be invested.


Jennifer E., a former participant of steps:

"What an amazing resource and support, those at [steps] provided for me (and many others), I felt empowered, respected, supported."


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