Vision, Mission Statement and Values

Steps2work is a not for profit Employment Placement Service focused on assisting people with disabilities primarily mental health issues to enter or re- enter the workforce.

Our Vision

Steps2work is a progressive leader in providing services that support successful transitions to employment.

Our Mission

Steps2work assists people with disabilities, primarily those living with a psychiatric disability as well as those with other disabilities who have a mental health issue to secure and maintain employment by providing a range of employment related services.

Our Values


We provide a caring and understanding environment for those experiencing mental illness and support optimistic expectations for recovery and successful, sustainable employment.  We respect the needs of employers by supporting them in creating and maintaining work environments that offer opportunities for mutual success.

Self-determination and independence: 

We embrace a client-centered approach that supports the individual to make choices by assisting them to make informed decisions and respect the decisions they make.


We believe that everyone has a meaningful place in the community and in community life.  We support the rights of those living with a mental illness for full integration into community life and we support the role gainful employment plays in this process.


We strive to continuously improve and be on the leading edge of practice, as we work in collaboration with our clients, employers, referral sources, other service agencies and funders.


We are transparent and honest in all of our actions with our staff, our Board, our clients, our funders and our communities.  We provide information that can be trusted.   We will do what we say we will do.  We support transparency and accountability within the organization through on-going measurement and evaluation.

Jennifer E., a former participant of steps:

"What an amazing resource and support, those at [steps] provided for me (and many others), I felt empowered, respected, supported."


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